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About DeepSubconscious.ai

We are dedicated to creating an order of magnitude improvement and new standard around the world for mental and physiological health care. Leveraging neuroscience, deep positive psychology and deep physiology, our proprietary content and platform ultimately helps people rapidly achieve happiness, health and higher performance.

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Our Platform

Happiness. Performance. Success.

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Titan HappinessTM

Titan HappinessTM, our flagship program, is the start of your journey to new levels of happiness and success.

Transform psychological baggage

The chatter behind the scenes, the deep thoughts that keep you awake at night. Are these barriers from the past keeping you from reaching new levels of happiness?

Build a strong foundation for happiness

Titan Happiness ensures you have all the key building blocks in place to live a life of happiness and high performance day to day.

Achieve new levels of performance

By releasing the deep thoughts holding you back, you unleash new sources of energy and achieve the next level of performance.

Meet the Founder

John Tukums

Founder of DeepSubconscious.ai
John is a frequent speaker on the topics of happiness, well-being, neuroscience, positive psychology, health/health care, higher performance and how we can unleash our Titan Happiness™ to achieve a higher state of performance. John developed Titan Happiness™ to overcome his own mental and physiological health related challenges and now looks to help others with what he has learned. Since starting DeepSubconscious.ai, John has had the fortune to work with and collaborate with other leading experts in positive psychology and neuroscience, top industry executives, and work on initiatives that have close ties to government related organizations like the United Nations. 

John is a co-founder of World Happiness Summit (WoHaSu)
World Happiness Summit Fellow Founders